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12-12|by : GameLoop
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Unlock New Character: Notora

A new spunky character Notora is going to join the clan! She is the a driving enthusiast that can be the designated getaway driver. With the new character join, the players are expected to have more strategies in building around a team with vehicles. Remember to catch a ride with this new gal! Be careful with the speed up, it is designed to restore HP by 5 every 4.5/4/3.5/3/2.5/2 seconds accordingly. It would not cause any stack in the acceleration.

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Permanent Mode Clash Squad

According to the previous positive feedback, clash squad becomes a permanent mode. The players will potential get more income while play this mode with the new version. It enables player with enough gold to level up the weapons in the fight and get everything ready for the later rounds. More effects are added in this mode, such as first blood and multi-skills. The one get first blood will also be reward with 100 extra gold. Each time will have extra gold as the game goes. Desert Eagle as the new map is available in the mode exclusively.

Landmine Adjustment:

The maximum and min damage of Landmine are change from 300 to 205, and 100 to 120 respectively, because it outperforms the grenade a lot, especially in the sole queue case. The primary aim for the weapon is to cripple the enemies rather than kick them out from the battle. Therefore, with the adjustment, this weapon will be ideal to have a consistent damage, and the players use other weapon to give their enemies a final blow.

Classic Mode with exclusive weapons

Weapons, including Ripper Bullet, M14, Kar94k, will be exclusive in the classic mode. Each weapon improves in its performance. The Ripper Bullet add damage over the time effect.

M14 becomes fully automatic and increases the rate of fire at 26%.

Kar98k add the aim assistance with scope speed up 20%.

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