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12-11|by : GameLoop
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Patch Note: Spooky Night

With the newly update of the Freefire, leveling up for each character becomes more challenging since the burden on processing all your characters have been increasing at a faster rate for the player to follow. Therefore, the adjustments were made for the characters.

First, they reduce the amount of the fragments by approximate 20% due to a lot of players get stuck on level 6 or 7 for a long time. The later level has a sudden increase of fragments. Second, the number of fragments in each match will be increase by 3 to 4 times. In another words, they players will get 3 to 4 times more fragments for each match they are in. The daily limit of the fragments that the players can get increase from 100 per character to 250 per character. Third, the money the players spend will be cut nearly by half, since the players would spend half gold or diamond cost for each level. In this way, people can spend the money in their favorite characters or items and necessities like loadouts. Fourth, FreeFire make the changes to the character skill slots. They players can experience the 4th character skill slot with lower cost to unlock each slot.

By those changes would potentially have two results. One is to give the players a better paly experience, combining skills and finding something that synergizes with their playstyle. The lower number and easier way to get fragment give the players more time to explore more characters and powerup their skills. Another result is to have more time for the skill slots.

All these changes have one goal: “make it easier for you to experiment with your favorite skills on a wider variety of characters”.

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