[PUBG] PUBG MOBILE Update 0.16.0 RagerGear, Loadout, Firearm Balancing, More Things You Need to Know - GameLoop

12-10|by : GameLoop
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1. New EvoGround mode - RageGear:

The new evoground mode - ragegear is a brand-new mode of the game, you can find it in the evoground mode.

In the rage gear game, players will be divided into 2 teams and assigned as a driver and some shooters.

The goal is destroying the enemy’s vehicles to win the game.

Shooters will have Gatling, shotgun, and even RPG! And the driver has the fire weapons while driving the vehicle.

Therefore, this is a highly required teamwork game mode. In that game. The driver seems a very important role, help shooters to shoot enemy vehicle. And dodge the enemy’s fire at the same time.

2. EvoGround - Loadout:

Players can choose weapons and items as some sets in the inventory in the team deathmatch.

The weapons will unlock basic on player’s evo level. The weapon has its own mastery level, which players can raise to unlock more attachments. The firearms will not generate at the spawn point in the team deathmatch map. And the weapon and attachments will drop when the enemy is killed.

Therefore, the more loadout you played, the more firearms you can use. Moreover, as more enemies, you killed, as more attachments you get. That means you can become a big boss in the game but keep you alive!

3. Firearm balancing:

!!! the sniper rifles damage to torso increase by 30%, from 1.0 to 1.3!

Snipers! You are stronger than before! Aim to the enemy and shoot them down!

Also, it has some weapons changed damage (almost increased), that will give those weapons more power, especially for shotguns.

In the new version, if you have a shotgun at the beginning of a game! Be brave and ready to fight them all!

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