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12-09|by : GameLoop
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Garena Free Fire continues to raise the public attention and notice, meanwhile, it is the top five mobile game with the most downloads throughout 2019. Within the new episode, the fantastic experience and gaming background is conveyed by a unique and attractive setting and rewards.

The background of the new episode:

According to the latest announcement and release posed by the Official Garena Free Fire on Facebook, the background of this episode is a story of exploring the gems and gold. After 30 years of painstaking searching, many intrepid explorers have tried and failed to find its location. It is said that the treasure contains more wealth than you can possibly imagine. It is filled with priceless gems and gold. Of course, when pirates sail from far away, this can lead to massive plundering of the seas. Everyone's chances of splitting the loot are almost nil, so it's best to bring your best weapons and be ready to fight for The Times. In this episode, the story and setting are supposed that pirate crews have found and explore under the deep sea.

Video about the new episode of Free Fire – High Tide:

Features of the new episode:

  • Mutiny and conflict between pirates
  • Explore the cursed treasure
  • Surfing skin with a brand-new model
  • Alluring rewards you might obtain

The list followed shows the over all rewards of the new episode:

• Voyage of the Death Parachute

• Bloody Red Shark Surfboard

• Deadly Blue Shark Surfboard

• The Golden Skull Jacket

• Fames Pirate's Soul

• M60 Pirate's Soul

• Phantom Pirate Backpack

• Pirate's Glory Death Box

• Jig Dance Emote

• Treasure Huntress Bundle

• Skull Captain Bundle

Now you can play and enjoy this game on GameLoopnow. which allows you to break through the limitation of phones with bigger screen to achieve wider field of view, mouse and keyboard to ensure precise aiming and shooting. More importantly, exclusive key mapping and in-depth adaption will bring you the most immersive and wonderful experience of Free Fire.

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