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12-05|by : GameLoop
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PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous and popular FPS game released by Tencent. In this game, players need to collect various resources on the game map to fight against other players in a shrinking safe area to allow themselves to survive to the end. In addition to winning the G-STAR top prize and five other awards, the game "Jesus Survival" broke 7 Guinness records.

Here are some tips for the popular and recommond guns that you can use when you are playing PUBG Mobile on GameLoop:

S12K King of Melee

Why are the three shotguns S12K called the King of Melee because it has the most abundant accessories, you can install the muzzle of the rifle, the magazine, and the scope. After the expansion magazine is installed, there are 8 rounds of bullets. It can also kill 4 people. With it, your 1V4 is not impossible. This S12K is not as common as an ordinary shotgun. It is luck for you to meet this gun.

And this gun can be equipped with a rifle's muffler or compensator. The muffler minimizes the enemy's attention and the compensator can be more stable. The sight can hit enemies a little farther away, the red dot holography is enough.

Recommendation: it is suitable for most players, since up to 8 bullets make you 1V4, the fault tolerance rate is too high

S686 Double Barrel Shotgun

Killing two rounds, this shotgun veteran likes to use it. The rate of fire is relatively high in shotguns. Equipped with a shotgun retractor, it is very easy to use. The principle of the shotgun beam retractor is to narrow the distribution of the bullets. This can also increase the attack distance in a certain sense. It is said that it can hit the 50m target at the longest distance. reduce. After all, the shotgun is 25 X 9 damage, that is, 9 shots will die, but if you don’t hit 2 shots, the damage will be much less.

Recommendation: it is suitable for very old veterans, not recommended for people who are not familiar with this weapon. Two bursts into the soul, two shots and two ends can be used well.

S1897 Shotgun

This gun, which is similar to the S686, is a very common shotgun, and can be equipped with a shotgun beam retractor. This gun is more suitable for ordinary players than the S686, because it has a capacity of 5 rounds and a better fault tolerance rate. The interval between each round of its bullets is about 0.8s. In this case, the sense of rhythm is very important. It is possible to control the rhythm and destroy the 4-player team. This gun can be called a staircase artifact. In many games, the professional team will carry one, which is suitable for the early, middle and late stages of the game.

Recommendation: it is suitable for most players, as they can kill the whole team with 5 fault tolerance of the gun

You can experience these guns on GameLoop for free now, Also there are massive FPS games for you to select and play, such as CODM, Free Fire and so on.

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