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12-05|by : GameLoop
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There are numerous difficulty levels in Soul Knight, rich weapons and equipment, refreshing killing pleasure, and takes you into the world of sniper kings! When the world sinks into endless war, players will explore the dungeon Collect all kinds of practical tools and weapons, continue to explore and continuously enhance your strength, full of infinite challenges.

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With the similar background of “Enter The Dungeon”. In Soul Knight, the missions for are:

  1. Wiping out enemies as much as possible
  2. Training you own heroes with unique capability
  3. Activating and Unlocking new heroes
  4. Organizing your heroes appropriately
  5. Obtaining a higher level

Weapons and Pets

In the game, the weapons used by each of them will be different, including weapons, swords, bows or lasers, etc. Generally, Soul Knight has 170 different weapons so that you could select the most suitable one for you own heroes. To use the weapon, you need mana or soul (blue bar). Also, weapons with different color will convey distinctive powers and skills, In general, weapon color levels are divided into: red> orange> blue> green> white. The higher level of the weapon, the more difficult to achieve and find it.

  • Red — Dropped by bosses, these weapons have unique characteristics.
  • Orange — Just like blue weapons, but special attacks can be stronger.
  • Purple — Weapons with unique characteristics
  • Blue — Such weapons can have additional attack modes.
  • Green —Advanced weapons with additional effects such as burning or freezing: rocket launchers, flamethrowers, laser guns.
  • White — The most common weapons in the game: rifles, SMGs, machine guns, pistols and shotguns.

Weapons have their power: For example, when you use a weapon, you can quickly destroy enemy units, but it consumes a lot of mana, so it is rarely used.

The Most Popular Weapons in Soul Knight:

  • Glacier: Sniper and the first monster hit by the bullet has a great chance of freezing, and the chance of being frozen by advanced units will be reduced, such as boss.
  • Ice Pistol: Chance to freeze, 4 shots must have one shot to freeze the other,
  • Shotgun: This type of weapon must be a bullet or a laser to be useful. Most light bullets are exploded at intervals. You can use Ranger to dodge shots when approaching opponents. The power is considerable.
  • Grenade Machine gun: Stop firing after firing 5 rounds, it will fire explosive grenade in a straight line, the power is extremely great, and the boss can be bombed in the end-about 1/15
  • Gas Machine Gun: Possibility of poisoning (boss will also), the poisoning effect will not disappear. If the opponent is poisoned after playing the boss, you can wait for the boss to resurrect after death.
  • M4: Low cost and high damage, critical strike increases damage range
  • Phantom: high damage plus penetration, high consumption, if there is a priest buff, playing boss can take time
  • Gatling: 2 Consumption, Multiple Bullets

In the game you will get a cute little animal that will always be with you, originally a cat to help you fight against the enemy. Later, you can choose to buy other types of pets based on the mix of skills and heroes, but their skin tone looks different.

Unlock new heroes. Each time you open the game, you’ll be taken to Living Room, where all the heroes in the game appear. Each hero has different stats and a special ability.

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