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12-05|by : GameLoop
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Soul Knight has been more than two years since the release of Genki Knight from 2017. As the game version continues to be replaced and supplemented, it is becoming more mature. The current version is very simple for novices

The classical features of Soul Knight are:

  • Seven veteran heroes: At the beginning of the release, the Soul Knight was not called the full name of Soul Knight, but another more domineering name-Soul Knight, a formal English translation of soul-knight. The original Soul Knight did not have the son engineer of the current version, nor did it hurt the exploding werewolf and the priestess and the priestess who were necessary to form the team. There are only seven dungeon veterans, including knights, paladins, alchemists, vampires, mages, assassins, and rangers. Not only are there few heroes, but not even the cutest kitty, it can be said that there is a big difference from the current version of the fullness.
  • The most expensive follower: In the original Soul Knight, the price system in the dungeon is not as perfect as it is now, although the basic mechanism is as the dungeon goes deep, the purchase of various items and the price of hiring a follower increase proportionally. However, in the initial version, the gold coin acquisition rate was really touching, and the rate of increase in the price of goods directly taught people liver pain. Many times you will find it difficult to come across an exclamation point room, but you cannot afford the money. In the old version, there is no dare to say that you are rich.

Also, the new version has launched recently, the main feature of the updated version are:

  • Unlimited Money/ Gold Coins: In the player community, gold or money is one of the two currencies of the game. Money is used to buy potions and weapons from merchants during the transaction
  • Unlimited Energy: As an important resource for games, energy could be operated by high-end weapons. When the energy value drops to 0, all weapons that use them can no longer be used.
  • Unlimited Gems: Jewelry is a luxury currency. Used to unlock and upgrade new heroes and pets. Players can use gems and other materials to develop support for new weapons and armor.
  • Unlock All Heroes: Heroes are playable characters in the game that can be controlled by the player. Each character has a unique power and weapon.
  • Unlimited Materials: The game has research on the right side of the living room.

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