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12-04|by : IdleHeroes
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Upcoming Idle Heroes Events (December 6th)

  • Artifacts offered are Candy Cane and AMB(TENTATIVE, TBC)
  • Heroes offered are Aspen, Oberon and KB
  • Second and Third boxes will have monster materials instead of Armour
  • Dust and GC rewards will be increased
  • Last box costs 6k gems, has skin package

Aura Reworks:

  • No matter what combination you have, you will have aura bonuses, but the strength of the bonus depends on your combination.
  • Aura bonuses are based on the number of heroes from the same faction (Increases HP and ATK) and the number of different factions (Increases other stats that are NOT HP or ATK)

Running Idle Heroes Events (November 29th)

  • Daily Reward: 1x
  • Prophet Orb: 15 Glorious Relics, Penny (80 points) and Sigmund (60 points).
  • Heroic Miracle: Top reward is Belrain
  • Black Friday Deals: Spending Orbs and replacing Heroes (branching) to collect Points and get relative rewards. Points gained from orbs will not be capped (doing 4 completions will net you the max rewards)
black friday card
  • Black Friday VIP Sales: Purchase items by Gems according to your VIP level.
idle heroes black friday event
  • Glamor Golden Card: Gems, Coins and Glorious Relics. The card lasts for 15 days.
idle heroes black friday event

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