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12-02|by : GameLoop
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The adventurer is the new guardian of the adventure island world after the hero of the Sealed Black Mage disappears. Free-spirited, they are working for peace in Adventure Island. The adventure island continent is full of unknowns and challenges. For thousands of years, countless adventurers have stepped into this land, from being born in Rainbow Island, to rushing around Treasure Island, to the toy city of the sky, to the bat cave of the underwater world ... As you hone yourself, you are always ready to meet the challenges posed by the black magician. Adventurer warriors on the four sides of the adventure island have a great sense of justice by nature. After continually training and sharpening themselves to become stronger, they still adhere to their heart and fight tirelessly to guard the peace of the adventure island world.

Dark Knight

According to the official version and website of the MapleStory M, the development and job skills of this hero – Dark Knight includes the following steps:


  • Active Skill:
  1. Slash Blast: Consume MP to work and most enemies around
  2. Warrior Leap: Use it when jumping. Jump once in the direction. The more the skill level increases, the jumping distance will increase
  • Passive Skill:
  1. Exercise to make your body stronger
  2. Warrior Mastery: Cultivate soldiers' basic qualities and increase your ATK


  • Active Skill:
  1. Piercing Drive: Stab the enemy with a knife
  2. Spear Pulling:Wield weapons, pull enemies within range, and temporarily deprive them
  3. Beholder: Summon a soul booster that heals itself after a certain period of time
  • Buff
  1. Iron Will:Increase the defense of team members within a certain time temporarily
  2. Hyper Body: Reduce damage to team members temporarily
  3. Weapon Booster It must be the time to strengthen the power of the weapon to increase the attack speed
  • Passive Skill
  1. Weapon Mastery: Increases the ATK of your weapon, allowing you to deal greater damage
  2. Physical Training: More flexibility through physical exercise
  3. Final Attack: Use attack skills with a certain chance to deal additional damage


  • Active Skill
  1. Charge: Assault forward, facing most enemies, turning twice in a row can activate the corresponding skills
  2. La Mancha Spear: Like a windmill, wave strong damage to nearby enemies
  • Buff:
  1. Cross Surge: The effect of applying the increased attack power based on the HP scale
  • Passive Skill:
  1. Beholder Shock: Soul boost stuns surrounding monsters
  2. Lord of Darkness: Increased critical strike rate and critical strike damage
  3. Beholder's Buff: Boost the soul, use Buff every time
  4. Endure: Strengthen self's brutal resistance


  • Active Skill:

Dark Impale:Attack enemies ahead in rapid succession

Gungnir Descent:Summons a giant god to smash into the enemy, causing damage

Magic Crash: Removes the monster ’s Buff from attack and defense. Destroyed monsters cannot use the same Buff for a short time

  • Buff

Sacrific: Absorbs Soul Boost and gains a cooldown that is not applicable to Dark Judgement within a specified time

Final Pact: HP becomes 0. It is invincible for 30 seconds after resurrecting according to the dark contract. It gains a buff that increases physical attack for a certain period of time.

  • Passive Skill:

Stance: Permanent attack by the enemy will not shrink

Advance Weapon Mastery: Weapon attack increased to the limit and damage increased

Revenge of the Evil Eye: When the host is attacked, followers will attack the attacker, and the director's HP will be restored by 5%.

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