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11-29|by : GameLoop
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Since it is a must-see element for unique characters: vuela, attacks and heals. If he was called a war doctor and we don't know his official name in Spain, we would introduce him in detail of the fifth season of the game before he crashed. Would you like to call this winged warrior?

Legendary possibility to print a rare category with budget or kindness, on the one hand. This was the idea-the collapse of the team's caretaker and sanatorium. It is possible to open a mini tank that goes straight to the arena, so your turn support forces will eventually have problems with the tower. That's because when we encounter some problems, we can play the highest role due to the healing ability of the combat healer.


The next landing collision will add 4 points to Royal Elixir Royale, and when he prints a rare card on the A coast on December 6, he must see teniendo. Your views are healed and attacked. But now you understand these things.

Use one hand to heal the troops that accompany it. Because of this, all of Solfs' projects, a healing aura similar to the curatorial effect, are his projects. The print method, everyone will accompany you, which will benefit the analysis. But it can also heal itself. Combat healers can also turn around at the turret, where the healing ability will continue to cast spell attacks before the budget aura, so as to restore as much health as possible in life. Therefore, it is a dual weapon of FILO.

Designed for use as a tank. For budgetary reasons, there is no power forward brake as it stops behind. The best choice for REACH's two-tower technologies is to use as much of the other end of life as possible. The healer who has a chance to fight cannot attack the Seal Termination Card here, but work has begun.

You have to stop them and provide a good counter-strategy, Battle Healer does the best. Finally, thanks to wings, you don't need these Cross Puentes. Letters can fly over the river at any time.


We appreciate your conflict with the latest Royale's latest video community manager. This is a social demo of combat photos, details and related information of which therapists were used to helping you complete your mission by December 6.

The idea behind the La Sanadora replica of the tribal clashes in which the Royal Existence exists-however-the Reddit Royale Crash Forum also has a card that it is an active arena that is currently involved. Esser who can attack. That's why, before Mingle created a kind of Valkiria wing jockey, it was used as these conceptual art designs.


There are no more details on the FOR-moment superbattery than closing the combat therapy product line. We know we are in conflict with the Royals, six new seasons. It will begin on December 2 of the season. We don't know yet, but for this, there is something on the unlocked print card to unlock. However, as we announce details of the upcoming crash royal video community, we may realize something new in the coming days.

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