[Tales of Demons and Gods] All information you should know about Tales of Demons and Gods.

09-27|by : GameLoop
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Game Introduction

Demon Gods come. Who dares approach!

This is a world of Demon Spirits. Train your own demon spirit, awaken your Avatar…to become the most powerful Demon Spirit Master.

Because of The Book of Space-Time Demon Spirit, time and space take a twist and everything starts again.

Published in novel, animation, and comic. The newly made mobile game Tales of Demons and Gods presents you a Chinese fantasy epic

With immersive experiences, hundreds of fantastic awaken demon spirits, Souls intensification and unique CCG+RPG Story Card systems, there’s no limitation for the RPG card cultivation.

【Game Characteristics】

1.Every card has a soul.

The classic warm-blooded anime has returned with detailed world view and characters. Every character has own story, gifted souls and avatar. Farewell to the simple setting and step into their story. Coordinate their talents with skills, Story Cards and Artifacts to maximize the greatest power and recruit the top avatar!

2. Adapted from the super warm-blooded novel and anime

The story is a complete collection with 1.5 million numbers of characters! Music is produced by Japanese top composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and Basiscape Studio, together they bring a visual and auditory fest. The game story is authorized by the original novel author. Time and space take a twist, return to the past and fight the enemy for the shame of last life.

3.A unique Story Card system

Trigger the original buff Story Cards and reverse the course! Coordinate Story Cards with skills, interact strategy combats and improve the battlefield variables while experiencing the warm-blooded story.

4.Demon spirit transform and awake.

The first game that fight with Avatars. All characters can transform to the awaken forms. Become the most powerful demon spirit, infuse the spiritual power to awake the Avatar and burst to one critical attack!

5.Establish a faction and recruit disciples

Monster Challenge is coming soon! It’s the final stop to protect human. Establish a faction to assemble powers! The unique gameplays include fragment trade inside fraction, Buff plus gained from Fairland Challenge for all six occupations and Land of Trial Boss Challenge. Recruit demon spirits and become the top faction.

6.Fair competition PVP

The Talent Battle opens every week. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, Legend. Challenge by tier and become the greatest demon spirit master! Collocate all characters, demon spirits, soul, artifact and story cards in the Fair Competition and form a strongest team!

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