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11-27|by : GameLoop
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Welcome to Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the brand-new auto-battling game mode that introduces a fresh, strategic, 8-player experience to Hearthstone.

24 different Heroes, each with their own unique Hero power that changes the way you’ll recruit, battle, and strategize against your opponents

Recruit minions

Every time you enter the Tavern, Bob will present you with a fresh line-up of minions willing and ready to be recruited onto your team. Of course, you’ll need to ply any minion you’d like to recruit with coins before they’ll do your bidding. Recruiting a Minion will cost you 3 coins.

Refresh the Board

Don’t see anything you like, or looking for that perfect minion to round out your line-up? You can also refresh the current line-up of available Minions for 1 Coin.

Fire a Minion

If it’s time to free up some space on the board or if a Minion just isn’t pulling their weight in your line-up, you can fire that Minion and regain 1 Coin.

Freeze the Board

See something you need, but running low on Coin? You can freeze the current line-up for free, so that the same Minions will appear on your next visit to the tavern.

Improve your Tavern

The strength and number of Bob’s Minion offerings and the base amount of damage dealt to enemy Health totals during combat rounds is determined by your Tavern Tier. The higher your Tavern Tier, the more powerful Minion offerings you’ll receive, and the more damage you’ll deal. The cost of upgrading your Tavern Tier will increase every time you upgrade to the next level, and choosing to forego upgrading your Tavern Tier will reduce the cost by 1 the next time you return to the Tavern.

Create a Triple

Recruiting three identical Minions will automatically combine them into a powerful golden version of the Minion with significantly increased stats and effects. These triples will retain any buffs placed on them before they were combined.

Once you’ve scored a triple recruit and place your combined Minion on the board, you’ll also be granted a reward card in your hand that allows you to discover a free Minion from the next highest Tavern Level!

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