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11-27|by : GameLoop
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Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love is an official MMORPG mobile game authorized by Gravity. The game was born from the MMPRPG online game released in 2003 worldwide and inherited the excellent settings of the game and the attention of millions of fans around the world. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love takes the Nordic mythology as the background and uses interaction and multiplayer team battles as the main features of the game. Its iconic cartoon style, unique transfer, cards, and dress-ups all inherit the classics of end-games.

Now you can enjoy the adventure of the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on your PC via download GameLoop. The following tips and guides are organized for improving your professional skills in the game.

Selecting a Suitable Class

Swordsman - As a world of swords and magic, the swordsman profession in Wonderland legend must be one of the representative professions. Swordsmen and knights have excellent defense and excellent endurance.

Mage - The magic department class is good at using elements to cause double magic damage to monsters and perform mantras from a long distance. After the spells are completed, it gives the monster a fatal blow.

Thief - The thief is often a ghost-like occupation, light and superb. Unlike the swordsman department, which uses high defense and health to take damage, thieves are better at avoiding injuries by dodging, while avoiding danger through "backward avoidance", "hiding" out of sight of the enemy, and then passing high.

Archer - The archer profession can be summed up with the word dexterity! The dexterity of their arrows has no false hair, the arrows are sharp! Even if the monster can slowly approach, it is already full of flaws!

Merchant - The ministry profession is arguably the most noble and sacred profession in the fairyland legend. With the service of the professional team, the battery life problem is greatly reduced, and often because of their praise skills, the atmosphere of the entire game is more harmonious!

After choosing your class, it is suggested to do the following things:

  1. Raise adventure via purchasing adventure skills
  2. Obtain a Lovely pet, keeping intimacy level with her
  3. Switch your job quickly
  4. Organize your optimum party roster personally
  5. Match the customaries sports for your party
  6. Paractic and finish the daily quests as much as possible

Message Board (Lv. 15) – requires killing monsters, collecting items, or running errands for NPCs. Rewards: Base/Job EXP, zeny, essential items

Monster Resistance (Lv. 22) – you get 2 Monster Resistance Quests that gives you 10x EXP rate for a limited amount of EXP

Time Rifts – “arena” instances where you battle hordes of monsters. A party is recommended. Rewards: rare gears, Base/Job EXP, Zeny, some low-level loots

Training Grounds – also arena instances similar to Time Rifts where you battle player-like monsters. Rewards: 1 Silver Medal (used for Guild features), 100 Eden Coins (a special type of currency)

You can play and experience the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on PC with GameLoop now. More information about the mobile game and PC games, you can visit the website of GameLoop and download the official emulator now.

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