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11-28|by : GameLoop
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The Brawl Stars has officially met the public for a while, and the gameplay is also diverse, including Wilderness Duel, Gem Battle, Bounty Hunter, etc. The following content will bring you a summary of the strategy for playing Brawl Stars, including the rules of the mode, tricks, character recommendations, etc.,

Wild Duel Rule Play:

● In individual battles, 10 players "damage each other" in a shrinking map. Once you are killed, you will immediately quit the game. The longer you live, the higher the reward ~

● The first 5 players can get 1 ~ 9 cups of corresponding rewards, the 6th place does not drop the cup (0 cup), and the last 4 players will drop the cup ~

● Poisonous fog will appear around the map soon after the start. Standing in the poisonous fog will take 250 damage per second, the same as eating JI rules.

● There are many boxes like dynamite packs in the map. Breaking it will give you an increased life / attack emerald, which is one of the key factors to win!

● Killing other players will randomly drop 1 ~ 3 emeralds

● [Double Mode] Take the team as a unit, if both of the team are killed, then eliminated

  1. Teammates will be resurrected at your location for a period of time, so do n’t worry about fighting alone
  2. The effect of emerald is shared, so don't grab gems with teammates
  3. The lineup suggest that the melee has far exceeded the melee resistance and far exceeds the output.

Wilderness duel playing skills:

After the start, don't rush to kill people, first go to the box to fight the emerald, first support the blood and attack, use the grass to cover yourself, and pay attention to the surrounding conditions. Don't fight hard for a long time and be picked by others ~ ~

The mid-term shooting period is very important, it is best to hide and wait for others to fight the blood, then go up and take advantage of the fishermen;

Of course, if you are unlucky and encounter other people's front door, there are two cases:

  1. First, your role is strong. For example, if a boxing man encounters a crispy long-range, 2 ~ 3 punches can solve the problem. Don't hesitate to go directly. Don't stay after the kill and run!
  2. Your character is weak, such as running into a bear man remotely and running in one word! Because even if you are good at technology, it will take a certain amount of time and health to solve the opponent. During this time, it is likely that several "beasts" have been attracted, and the gain is worth the loss ~

In terms of operation, the remote output seeks to hide some enemies with large space output as soon as possible, and once the war starts, it will draw the opponent to facilitate the output. The melee characters try to choose the enemy with a narrow space. One is that they can be overcast, and the other is that it is easy to avoid.

Wild Duel Characters Recommended:

This picture has a lot of grass and wall protection, so it is more advantageous for half-range characters and melee, and the remote output has less room to play.

  • Melee characters: Bull Bull, EL PRIMO mask male, hiding in the grass is a hit!
  • Half-way role: NITA, let's put a bear out and slip, it's almost the same, go out and make two swords ~
  • Long-range character: Shelly Shirley, broke out and took away ~~ neatly ...

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