[Rise of Kingdoms] All Things You Need to Know About Rise of Kingdoms - GameLoop

12-05|by : GameLoop
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It’s different with other SLG games, rise of kingdoms is easier to start the game. And it merged SLG gameplay with MOBA gameplay! Moreover, it allows millions of players to make actions in ONE map! To gather food, gold or even march to your enemies! That makes the game more exciting and fun!

Rise of kingdoms has both PVE and PVP mode. You can organize your army’s formation to deal with the enemy’s situation.

Also, when you nose things doesn’t work out as your way! The retreat option can always help you save your army. A wise king always loves his people.

There are 11 civilizations, in the real warfare. As a king, you could guide your civilization from a lone clan into a great power empire. Each civilization has its own architecture, unique unites, and special advantages.

Alliance system, king help each other to get the win-win situation, and they always help the alliance first. You can easily talk with other king under the “translation function”, negotiate the officer roles, battle strategy, map control etc.

34 heroes will serve as your trustworthy commanders, you can beat the troops to get the experience for your commanders. Then, upgrade their abilities using an RPG style talent tree and skill system.

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