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12-17|by : GameLoop
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FPS- related topic grow quickly in the gaming market, the various game developer begins to join such an exciting game-generate team. Actually, there are massive FPS games on GameLoop now, such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Free Fire, Cyber Hunter and so on. With the support of exclusive keymapping and in-adaption game experience, players could obtain the best shooting experience on PC with GameLoop. But do you know how to be a qualified FPS shooter ? Here are some guides for you to perform better in PUBG Mobile.

If you wanna be a qualified PUBG Mobile player, you must know the basic information, as well as the characteristics and tips of each weapon. Our guide of PUBG Mobile weapon seeks to offer the most up to date authoritative stats with the tips of each weapon. Whether you are new to the game or a master player, you can check up the pros and cons for each gun along with their insights.

Today, we will focus on the Sniper rifle. The comparison of the stats and the general application will be provided in this comprehensible Sniper rifle guide.

All Sniper Rifle Stats

WeaponMag. Size Power Recoil Range RoF Obtained in

Kar98K 5 69 30 80 4 World

M24 5 80 33 96 5 World

AWM 5 100 35 100 4 Crate

Win94 8 60 56 80 11 World

In general, Sniper rifles are the most powerful and effective gun in long-range battles. They own massive damage output especially in headshots, while slow noticeable bullet speed is their drawback. Hence, precise aiming at enemies' heads and solving the enemies with one bullet is the main tactic of using sniper rifles.


PUBG Mobile | Kar98K - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips

Kar98k is a single bolt sniper rifle loading 7.62mm bullets which can be obtained in the world. It is able to make a one-shot kill towards rank 2 headgear. Same as the other Snipe rifles, it relies heavily on scope and skills. Kar98K is the most common sniper rifle the player will use in real-game because it is the most "available" choice in sniper rifles.


PUBG Mobile | M24 - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips

M24 uses 7.62mm bullets which can be found in the world. Although the power of M24 is higher than Kar98K, most of the player prefer to use Kar98 in real combat. Indeed, in terms of usability, the Kar98K is much easier for the player to handy with it. That might be the reason why M24 can be got in the world now but only in air drop before.


PUBG Mobile | AWM - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips

AWM is known as the superior sniper gun in PUBG Mobile firing unique magnum rounds and only obtained in air drops. It can deal extremely high damage and knock down the enemies in rank 3 headgear with one shot.


PUBG Mobile | Win94 - Stats, Best Attachments & Tips

Win94 has the fastest fire rate among the sniper rifles. It fires .45 rounds and can be founded in the world. However, it has the lowest damage and Win94 is disable to attach with scopes. In real game, only a few players will pick up Win94 and can handle it.

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