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12-11|by : GameLoop
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It needn't say about the popularity of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile caused a boom of Battle Royale mode in FPS games. To maintain the exclusive place of PUBG Mobile in FPS games and enthusiasm among players, PUBG Mobile team is constantly adding new content to the game. Although the last 0.15.0 update was live just for few days, PUBG Mobile announced a new 0.16.0 patch note along with the update in-game. The new topic of PUBG Mobile December is snow Paradise and players can find various new stuff.

PUBG Mobile announce that something special is coming to the game during Christmas in the facebook. PUBG introduces its new version 0.16.0 beta version recently, which updates the new map Erangel 2.0 and a new Death Race mode.

In the new map, some areas are covered with snow like the picture shows under. You will be equipped with ski lifts and trolley towers, so you can use he ski board to make your way over the area. No worries, the ski board works on all the surface. In comparison with Team Deathmatch, it has the neither heavy weapons nor weapon mounted vehicles. Players can see and pick up a bunch of crates for an extra advantage.

In this new mode, teams are placed in different vehicles. Players have to battle against their enemies and kill their opponents. A bunch of crates are also placed in different locations across the race course to give players a competitive edge. In this new update, the players can also switch between FPP and TPP.

As the Christmas is approaching and developers have released a range of holiday-themed skins for players. All the Holiday Skins are only available for a limited time. Players can grab these skins until January 1.

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