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12-17|by : GameLoop
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What are the new and hot action games that get people’s attention? Let’s take a close look.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Elite Shooting Games

Seven words to summarize this game: “great gameplay, awesome visuals and entertaining missions.”

Are you ready to take an action? As the men in the army, the snipers have the gun in the load, and assassins are ready to hunt and kill. Only the best sniper will hunt, shoot and most importantly survive. With the easy and intuitive controls, it is not hard to aim and shoot. You can buy different types of guns like rifles, shotguns, or pistols. Upgrade your weapon with ammo, grip, and the caliber to get bullets.

It is a super easy game with a simple rule: be the first one to reach the end of the water slide. There will be other players bump in the race, so you need to be cautions. Don’t let them pass you. The last but not the least, enjoy playing in this colorful and sunny water slide game in the cold winter.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario is coming back. Mario Kart series is famous and loved by many people, and now it is ready to take you to explore the world by storm. You will have a smart device and control it by your finger. You can steer and drift with one finger control. You can have extra buff in the new Frenzy mode, where you can have access to have an arsenal of powerful items. With them, you can mix things up and turn up the heat and then mix things up on the racetrack! What a chaos it will be! Keep practice and try different combination of “vehicles”, you can increase your score and rise to the top.

Hunter Assassin & Call of Duty®: Mobile

The other two we would like to introduce are Hunter Assassin and Call of Duty Mobile. We have introduce those two games for many times. Call of duty mobile add the new Zombie mode and Christmas special. You can give it a try with our emulator with smart Key mapping, 4k resolution, resulting better game experience. More information about the mobile game and PC games, you can visit the website of GameLoop and download the official emulator now.

Call of Duty: Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Free Fire