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11-25|by : GameLoop
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This year, Tencent Interactive Entertainment announced that the digital creation tool Roblox officially announced its Chinese name "Robs" and sometimes opened the China test appointment.

As a massively multiplayer game platform, Roblox aims to create digital content for various and broader markets. Targeting at the younger generation, Roblox encourages players to generate content by themselves via their imagination and innovation. Till now this fresh platform has become attractive popular in The new generation players.

Generally, there are two different currencies in the platform: Robux and Tix.

  •  Robux is acquired through recharge and game creation,
  •  Tix is ​​acquired through daily login. Games created by developers are free games, but if a player spends Robux buying an item or pass in the game, the creator of the game will benefit.

These two basic currencies consist of the platform, where, players could buy, sell and create virtual items or buy clothes via online purchasing behavior.

Roblox aims to create an innovative and upgrading gaming world,

Such as comprehensive types and elements. Such as the sandbox, first-person shooting, role-playing, actin fighting, surviving and racing games. For ensuring a fun, Roblox continues to upgrade its creative tools, providing more powerful editing features and a richer library of Materials to encourage players to proactively create digital content.

To be compatible with VR, Roblox optimized camera control specifically for VR, reducing acceleration speed and increasing switching options between first-role and second-role views. Users on Roblox can earn virtual currency from the games they make, and now this policy also supports Oculus games.

Roblox's vast user base not only generates a large number of VR games but also makes it possible for Roblox to become a virtual reality social platform.

According to Google Play, there are four main characteristics of Roblox:

  • Exploring Million World and Game Maps
  • Enjoying Games Whenever You Want
  • All Things Coming from Your Imagination
  • Chatting with Your Friends

Now, you might be familiar with such popular game platform. More information about the mobile game and PC games, you can visit the website of GameLoop and download the official emulator now.

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