[Influencer] GameLoop Influencer Program Task 6 Winner Annoucemment

2020-01-06|by : GameLoop
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In winter, it was so cold and silent, watching the once noisy color faded miserably, listening to the once melodious and happy bird groaning lonely, letting the flowers die, leaving the river frozen, and nothing in winter. Is it really nothing in winter? Nope, we have our lovely influencers to company with you. Our task 6 takes from Dec 17-Dec 31


1. Chrismas Special Event. You can submit any games related to Christmas playing with GameLoop.

2. New version of PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Freefire.

3. Festival related

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You can check their name and watch their superb videos.

Name: Benzitczo

Current Level: Lv 2

Name: InternationTV

Current Level: Lv 1


Current Level: Lv 1

Name: DaddySurvivor

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: PaBLiC

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: Akcakoca Gaming

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: Omu Rocks Gaming

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: The Bargeyn Been

Current Level: Lv 1

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You can find out the winners for the Task 1, Task 2 , Task 3 and Task 4.

Call of Duty: Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Free Fire