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12-12|by : GameLoop
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It's just a month passed since Senna's launch and yet Aphelios just appeared on PBE, while Riot is teasing their upcoming new Champion Sett along with the origin history of Lonian. Sett is a brawling juggernaut with a half Vastaya and half human loving to blow enemies with a fist. Moreover, rumors leaked that Sett is an outstanding leader in Ionia's vast criminal underworld. On the Ionian battlefield, he is known by his notoriety, and he rose from nothing to his current place. In the battle, Seth earned his reputation for his brutal power and excellent defeat ability. We don't yet know what the skill Sett will exactly have, but Sett is supposed to involve in a lot of Melee combat.

A few days ago, several players have received the email sent by Riot Games, leaking some teasers about Sett. It includes Sett's skill kit - Q, W, E AND R with the mysterious "calling cards". Cards are consist of interesting illustrations with the picture of different champions being beaten. Besides, we can find the same statement on the illustration - "We know you like to fight. Get ready for a new contender". Here is the Word we can find in each card:

Q: "Fist, Meet face"

W: "Catch These Hands"

E: "Bust 'Em Up"

R: "Let's Give 'Em a Show"

From the given clues, the only thing we can do is theorizing about Sett's abilities, it looks like strength and physical prowess in combat will likely be a main feature of Sett. What we can boldly assume is that Sett probably have a skill like Zac's Q "Stretching Strikes" as we can find the colliding of two characters' heads in the "E" card. On top of that, from the illustration, his ultimate is supposed to be a potential energy or something release. However, we can't get any certain answer from the card.

The latest Champion Aphelios is live on official servers yet, it's likely we can see Sett will go up on the PBE soon. Sett is rumored to be launched in mid-January and might be a first new champion will debut in League of Legend 2020.

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