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12-26|by : GameLoop
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Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All the way. Finally, Christmas is here. Families and friends are gathering to celebrate the most important day of the year. Might get bored at some points? Do not worry, we have prepared some of the trending games for you! Download and Enjoy right away.

No.1 Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle

Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle is a puzzle-aligned hexagonal puzzle game launched by Ilyon. The current level. "Hexagon Jigsaw" uses high-quality photos as the material of the jigsaw. Each picture is visualized to make it difficult for players to extricate themselves from the first sight of the picture. Based on simple hexagons, the combination method presents various graphics, which allows players to engage in puzzles. It is a fun casual puzzle free game.

No.2 Crazy Shopping

Crazy Shopping is a casual simulation game launched by Kwalee Ltd. In the game. The player controls his own shopping team, collects and removes various high-net-worth items in a huge supermarket, which transporting them to a designated location. They can adopt a battle mode of crazy fight comparison points. The game uses an extremely realistic paper doll physics engine to give each member of the shopping team a real look. At the same time in this fun crazy fight game, it also allows players to create chaos to fish in muddy waters and earn more profits.

No.3 Dumb Ways

Dumb Ways To Draw is a casual puzzle drawing game launched by Metro Trains casually. Players draw a variety of paths in the game to help clumsy beans reach a safe place. Although the game mode is not new, it is easier to obtain a good game experience in a new game scene. Although the game is played to help the bean draw a path to a safe exit, it still looks like a wrong technology tree. It opens a variety of settings. In the game settings, the player have normal outdoor railway platforms, wild cliffs, medieval castles, steel fortresses in space, etc.

No.4 Rolling Domino

Rolling Domino is a fun and casual game launched by Lion Studios. Players will experience the charm of the magical dominoes in the game, challenge the dominoes to fall in different situations, and enjoy a variety of domino effects in different shapes and patterns. Players do not need to place many dominoes by themselves, but only need to push them down according to the requirements of the game. As for the way to push down, they are also very free. The game provides players with exclusive balls to push down.

No.5 Hammer Jump

"Hammer Jump" is a simulation game launched by Lightneer based in Helsinki, Finland. The aim of the game is to dig various magical treasures underground. In the game, players use various tools such as picks, gears, etc. to work hard in the underground that is rich in fossils, minerals and other treasures, and exchange the rewards for money, unlock new tools and skins, and dig out new treasures to form Virtuous circle. Although the game uses a one-click game method, it provides users with rich game content. In order to give more fun to simple gameplay, the game is filled with various ancient fossils, precious jewellery and diamonds, rare ore metals and well-known historical relics for users to excavate.

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