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11-26|by : GameLoop
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Cultivate the mobile game "My Tom Cat" to give you the companionship you want. My Talking Tom is here. Little cute will take you to experience the fun of the cat world.

Tom cat's life is very colorful, and the activities of staying at home can also make the friends happy. It is quite a mini and lovely games, different game rules will produce different game fun, but each game can harvest gold coins rewards, the higher the game score, the more gold coins will be. Specifically, My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game for a family:

  • The player can adopt Tom and take care of him every day, make sure he is full and sleeps well, take him to the toilet, make him happy and keep laughing.
  • Test your skills, responsiveness and puzzle solving skills in various mini games-Play puzzle games, action games, adventure games, and even sports games. Everyone can have fun!
  • Players can compete in "Goal!" Or bounce in "High and High"-Challenges never end!
  • Tom likes to be caressed and likes to talk to you-He will repeat every word you say with funny voice!
  • As Tom grows up, new clothes and new furniture in the house will be unlocked one by one.
  • There are many clothes to choose from-Transform astronauts, pilots, superheroes ... or wear cool casual clothes for Tom
  • Tom can travel to other countries, condensing the travel experience into a photo album!

[Exclusive Features]

Cloakroom transformation

There are two ways of transforming Tom. One is to change the fur, tiger skin, zombie skin, diamond skin, etc. It is very simple to transform into a cute and funny character; The other transformation is more serious. It can be a captain and a firefighter. There are more transformations waiting for you to unlock.

Various food choices:

Vegetables and fruits, dessert snacks and fast food drinks can be freely selected.

And don’t forget to taste the free food, just wait 30 seconds, and what ’s delicious is yours.

You can play and experience My Talking Tom on PC with GameLoop now. Grabbing your curiosity and interests and downloading My Talking Tom now!

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