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09-12|by : Gameloop
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As part of the PUBG MOBILE update 0.14.0, the new infection mode is an asymmetric multiplayer mode where player-controlled Zombies combat against player-controlled Defenders. It consists of maximum of twelve players in a single server in a fixed map and the whole match will run for three rounds, each of which last 3 minutes. Between rounds, every player controls a Defender. After the beginning of the round, random players would turn into zombies and the rest would play as Defenders. For zombies, they want to turn defenders with melee attacks while defenders accordingly need to save themselves with their rifles and eliminate zombies. Zombies could revive after being killed, but defenders will turn into zombies if they die. Both of the characters could level up by killing a certain amount of enemies. The round ends when time is up or either side is completely eliminated. Zombies win by infecting all Defenders and Defenders need to stay alive until the end of the round.

The new map enhances the game experience

The new three-round mode takes place in the Lost Harbor map. It has clear A, B and C rendezvous points. Defenders could easily assemble with quick-chat phrases of points.

The relatively small map is formed of low grounds, high buildings, small gaps, springy rubber ring bars, boxes and barriers for players to hide and sneak. Skillful jumps could be made between high points and the low grounds are more open with buildings having more than two exits, creating easy routes to predict player movements and strategic movings.

PUBG Mobile Infection Defender & Zombie Types

Defenders could claim victory as long as they avoid infections, kill all the zombies to survive till the end of the round. There are two types of defenders.

Defenders: Provided with two 660-bullet fully stacked assault rifles at the very first beginning. When random players turn into zombies, the rest of them are defenders. They can be upgraded into vanquishers after six defenders got infected. However, they are easily infected by zombies with one hit.

Vanquisher: The upgrade version of defenders who use powerful swords to damage zombies in even one shot. They can take more than one hits and survive with more damages in a single hit. Their performance in the swing is much better than normal defenders.

Zombies can claim their victory by infecting all defenders in three minutes via melee attacks. They can also revive after being killed by defenders but can not be revived if killed by vanquishers. There are three different types of zombies: Speed, Stealth, and King. Defenders infected by zombies automatically turn into Speed Zombies, but can choose to revive as a Speed or Stealth zombie after being killed by a Defender.

Speed Zombie: This fast-moving male zombie attacks by a melee slash. It can activate a skill to increase its running speed and is good at ambushes to catch the defenders out of the corner.

Stealth Zombie: This female-bodied zombie attacks with claws just like the Speed Zombie.

Unlike Speed Zombie, it has an invisibility/cloak skill for sneak attacks instead of running speed.

Zombie King: This level-up large and slow zombie could be achieved by a Booster or killing two Defenders. It causes more damages to Vanquishers and could defense nearby zombies.

Weapons and HP

Defenders: They are equipped with fully kitted out 660 packed AKM and M16A rifles at the beginning and switching to a secondary gun is always faster than reloading. Each Vanquisher swing hits for around 500 HP

Zombies: It only takes one swing of a zombie’s claw to turn a Defender and they don’t take damage outside of the blue zone.

Booster: The booster is a unique buff found in Infection mode that could be useful for both zombies and defenders. It spawns around every 15-30 seconds. Once someone picks up the the briefcase hiding the boosting indoors on an oil drum or crate, the cool-down resets. It offers an HP and damage-taking buff for Defenders and Vanquishers and transforms zombie instantly into a Zombie King.

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