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11-19|by : GameLoop
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The Candy Crush Saga has attracted massive attention since it first introduced. Many players have found this game and the Candy Crush Soda is amazingly similar, so what is the relationship between the two?

Different Between Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda

Candy Crush Saga is one of the world's most popular casual games. It uses the challenging maps, dreamy sweet candy style, rich and interesting sound effects, refreshing and smooth feel, and original micro-strategy to eliminate the gameplay, giving players the highest quality casual interactive experience.

The difference between Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda: In general, Candy Crush Soda is the same as the Candy Crush Saga in levels, props, and characters, but the difference is that Candy Crush Saga has added gold bars to buy all kinds of props and life. The Facebook social group in the Candy community has become a social group.

Reasons for the popularity of Candy Crush Saga

1. Everything is Free

In general, many people will spend 99 cents to buy a paid game, but how many people will spend money to buy a casual game without a head start? Hence, the developer of Candy Crush Saga, wisely positioned it as free, meaning that it didn't enter the threshold, and anyone could download it.

2. Attractive Appearance

From a visual point of view, Candy Crush Saga is very easy to accept by most people, with beautiful characters, shiny colors and sweet music. These make the game very friendly to most people. Every action of the player is accompanied by surprises and excitement. Seeing that the candy is eliminated, there are encouragement sounds such as “sugar crush!” and “tasty!” from time to time. Full of sense of accomplishment. The background music is easy and enjoyable, and often gives you a sense of hearing.

3. Add Social Function for Candies, which started out as a game for Facebook, is fully aware of the importance of social to a game. Candy Crush Saga is tied to a Facebook account from the start, and players can see the results of friends and family. Every time you pass a pass, players can see the performance of their friends at this level. If you feel that you are better, you can share your scores with Facebook and show off.

Not only is Candy Crush Saga, but other games at are also using this differential approach to the player's profit model. The essence is to use the so-called tiered pricing in marketing to the extreme.

Till now, both of them have launched in the GameLoop, download the GameLoop, find Candy Crush Friends, Candy Crush Soda and more.

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