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11-19|by : GameLoop
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Candy Crush might be one of the most famous and popular game that you can see people are playing when they are waiting for the bus, out of work, on their way home and other situations.

There is no doubt about the popularity of this game, since. the download volume of this Candy Crush Saga has reached 10 million within only one week.

the main characteristic of this game is the sophisticated game screen and a fun game mode have added a variety of elimination mechanism. The unique buddy system allows players to discover the New World. They are scattered throughout the candy kingdom and have their own characteristics. They help players create different candy combinations and cleverly remove obstacles.

Meanwhile, Google Play concludes the four characteristics of Candy Crush Saga:

Insistent Interests and Funny Experience: thousands of distinctive puzzles you can explore every 2 weeks.

Multiple Approach to Win Rewards: you can level up by participating in the Daily Booster Wheel or in time-limited challenges.

Numerable Challenges for You to Win Candy Coating: such as goal score, jole clearing, material picking, and order mode.

Invite Your Friends and Play Together: you do not only share the funny experience with your friends but also compete with them

Here are some tips that you can use when you are play Candy Crush Saga on PC with GameLoop.

  • Always Searching for Special Candy

There are three special types of candy in Candy Crush Saga: striped candy, wrapped candy and color bombs. Learn how to make all Candy Crush special candy.

  • Do NOT Rely Much on Suggestions

If you get stuck or take no action for a certain situation, the game will give you a hint in the form of a candy flash. But not every suggestion makes sense, be careful and critical with them.

  • Looking for Opportunities to Combo

The combination is very powerful, just like sweeping a color bomb into a striped candy. If you can manipulate special candy together, they are much better together than candy alone.

  • Use EXTRA Candy.

If you see candy with the +5 icon, try including them in the game. These are extra time sweets that will show up by time. If you can use one in a game, you can get five more seconds.

Know more information about Candy Crush, download GameLoop. now.

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