[Gameloop Uncertain Games] Join the Uncertain Games, Win a Prize of up to $ 99.99

11-12|by : GameLoop
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The Uncertain Games project aims to help our player community better.
We will randomly choose a game, a game mode and a in-game item in gameloop. Then, we give the rules and award the winner.

Game Rule:

In round 2, our subject is Melee knife killing match for CALL OF DUTY Mobile [standoff halloween mode] Use your knife to kill as more as possible enemies in 1game! Win the rewards! (only knife kills will be counted)
*We will choose the funnest, highlight, most kill and well edited player as the winner. Choose your way to win the rewards!

Submission Rule:

1. Record your game with gameloop (you can edit it if you want).
2. Submit your video to youtube with the title "Gameloop+ CALL OF DUTY mobile knife Killing Match+ (how many kills)+(whatever you want to add)
3. Add the gameloop download page on your description:
4. Fill out this form to register your work:

Event Rewards:

1. The winner will be listed on the client banner&official website
2. your youtube channel will be listed under the next round video description
3. Up to $99.99 rewards
(CODM Point, UC, gun, suit etc.)
4. Winner's clip will shows on next round video

Previous Winner:


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Jonatha YT:
Defender YT:
Brandon Sanabria:

Call of Duty: Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Free Fire