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11-12|by : GameLoop
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With an increasing number of players, "Game of Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) has become one of the most popular game in Turkey and GameLoop. in order to know about this entertaining game, GameLoop sort out the translation of the speech of this game developer:

Mengjia Network was established in 2011. At the beginning of its establishment, it established the concept of "fine quality, transformation". It is precise because of the company's high requirements in recruiting people in the early stage that the company has always maintained a viable way of thinking and doing things. After the establishment, the major product is: "The City of Steam", "The Hero of Pirates of the Dream", "Coll Ison All-Stars", "The Game of the Sultans"(Muhteşem Sultan).

"Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) is the fourth game that Mengjia Network developed. It is essentially an RPG game "Game of the Sultans". This game is our collaboration with the touch. Products, the Mengjia Network is responsible for localization, design, another company is responsible for technology and planning, the two companies each create their own strengths.

At that time, the Mengjia Network wanted to push "Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) to Russia and Turkey but eventually found that users in the United States also liked the game very much. Currently, the US region ranks around 60th on Google Play, and iOS sells 100 Around. In Germany, France and other European countries, "Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) also achieved good results.

There are TWO main characteristics of "Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) in Turkey and Russia:

The first is to adapt to complex issues.

The operating memory of the game is best not to exceed 250M, and the time spent entering the game should not exceed 10 seconds. Do not add any sensitive permissions. This type of address book method, players are very concerned about these private permissions, For the European and American users. Items are likely to make your game less than 5% of users. The last one is that Google and Apple have a grayscale test function in the background. This feature should be used very well for every major version update. You can open 10% or 20% of the machine in advance to adapt, you can quickly part of the player problem, to ensure that each major update will not have big mistakes, can maximize the prevention of user loss.

The second is the problem of estimating weakness.

In order to promote these market players to conduct research, we must first make them realize that the official is providing good services and prioritizing the establishment of the game ecology. Once they open the discovery, the loyalty is very high and the retention is better. There are a lot of small and medium R players in these areas. Once the estimated icebreaking is completed, it will last for 2~3 years, even 3~5 years.

Download the GameLoop and know more about the "Game of Sultans" :

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