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2020-06-19|by : GameLoop
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The long-awaited Season 7 is coming in Call of Duty Mobile on GameLoop and it has brought an all-new battle pass for players which features new tier rewards at every level.

Try any new updates and join the Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Review on GameLoop and win a prize of up to $99!



Here are some New Updates of CODM that you can try:

1) 7 new zones

2) New BR Boss

3) Easter Eggs

4) New Weapons (Man-O-War and yes, finally, the DL-Q33 in BR)

5) New Vehicle: Tank

6) And More


Only the new updates related thing will be counted.

Submission Rule:

Before submitting your video, you need to know the following rules which can help us to evaluate your video!

1. Add "GameLoop" in your video`s title, cover page, hashtag bar, and description.

2. Add "GameLoop icon" in your cover page and video.

3. Add "GameLoop Download" link in your description and pinned comment.

4. Copy your video link and go back to Discord , paste your video link in #Submission channel.

Video Due Date: 3rd July. 2020

Winner Announcement Date: 10th July. 2020

Criteria to Make A Qualified Video

  • Degree of Completion (50%)

1. Including "GameLoop" in the title of your video
2. Added GameLoop icon on the cover page
3. Added Hashtag including #gameloop in title, descriotion, hash tag bar
4. Added download link of GameLoop:
5. Added Pinned Comment: recommend GameLoop and add download link:

  • Video Popularity (30%)

Based on Views, Likes, Comments, Reaction rate

  • Content creativity (20%)

Funny, highlight moments, original, etc.


One qualified Video needs to have the overall score equal or more than 70 points.

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Good luck and enjoy gaming with GameLoop!

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