Discover All the Changes of eFootball PES 2020

2020-3-20|by : GameLoop
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PES 2020, full named Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, comes again with six generations of FOX engines, which have made significant improvements in detail compared to the previous one. This news aims to show you all the changes of this new version.

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Offense is the best defense

This game has greatly enhanced the performance of back-side ball protection. If players use Lewandowski or Cristiano Ronaldo, it is not difficult to use the body to hold three defensive players behind and complete the shot. And that’s the reason make the threat of strong forwards in the penalty area becomes huge.

Moment of backing the ball

If it's Messi, or Debrauna's long-eyed player, then our operating requirements are not so harsh. These improvements in ball control make us feel more urgency when faced with the ever-changing playing field conditions and make the players can feel like true ball playing.


"PES 2020" also adds a tactical option "anchor" to the court, which can prevent players from leaving the position set before the game.

The game's AI has also been improved accordingly. For example, after we control the player to successfully complete the breakthrough, the opposing player will quickly and reasonably make up the defense, and the AI's movement will be smarter and more active.

In addition to the most core operating experience, "PES 2020" has achieved the best level of series in this aspect of creating a stadium atmosphere.

More realistic Camp
Like the perspective of the player's channel, when the player enters the field before the game and the photographer's will follow-up, we can immerse ourselves in the warm football atmosphere before entering the game.

This game also added a new broadcasting perspective, makes people closer to the reality of the game broadcast.
There is also the player's face portrayal, which is better and more realistic than the previous game or competitors. For example, in the pre-match preparation interface, the player's face and the texture of the jersey are more realistic, and the redesigned light and shadow and texture effects are highlighted. Of course, this realism is not only reflected in the static face restoration, but also at various key moments in the arena. For example, when the substitute player and the coach rushed into the stadium to celebrate wildly when the whistle was blown away, the referee was frightened when he showed a red card, and he was angrily when he missed a good opportunity in front of the goal. These are very vivid and give us a kind of truth. Feel like the scene.

The above is a small guide on the changes of PES 2020. Feel excited for a try, come and download PES 2020 on PC with GameLoop.

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