[HOT] The Most Tweeted Game in 2019 - Fate/Grand Order(FGO)

2020-01-09|by : GameLoop
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Japanese RPG game, Fate/Grand Order(FGO), dominated the video games conversation on Twitter in 2019. Over a billion tweets about game, Fate/Grand Order beated Fortnite, and became the most tweeted game on Twitter. FGO, the first genuine mobile game of Fate series, is known as the "ant-queen IP" in Japan.

Main Story

The story is played through a text game that can be said to be the origin of Fate. The story of "Designation of Destiny" is newly written by the Fate series of authors, including the original author Nao Mushroom. The novel-level storyline with a length of 1 million words will reveal multiple background settings for you! With over one million words, it has a large number of main story lines. The main story line talks 7 chapters, taking the seven times in human history as the stage of the story. All followers appearing at the same time have their own plot. Players can enjoy the story of you and the followers as the master, or the stories between followers. The key to mastering the story of each follower is the bond between you and the follower as the master. In order to protect and recapture the future of mankind, time travel must be returned to the past,

Perform battles against "history"!

Game Features:

Classic Characters

The most spiritual gatherings in history, the ultimate call across the ages! The followers that can be summoned in "FGO" include the classic characters in many well-known Fate works such as "Fate / Zero" and "Fate / stay night", as well as many "FGO" pioneers and the fate of your fate, There are also new ranks debuting in the Fate series!

Command Card Guides

In "FGO", the battle is expressed by the command card given to the followers, and the command battle is launched in a turn-based system. The battle is divided into a tactical phase and an instruction phase. Depending on your choice, the followers will launch attacks separately. After his own attack, he turned to enemy action. One round ends after enemy action.

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