[Free Fire] Heading of Season 13 - Reset Time Rank of Free Fire

2020-01-02|by : RETUWIT
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Today is the last day for Season 12 Rank Free Fire, surely many of you are confused at what time to reset this time. Remember, if we have a target to push to the global level, reset time rank time is very important. If we are slow the target will not be achieved in the future. Well, remembering the previous reset time, for example in season 10, the reset time is random, usually there is an official notification or announcement on the free fire fan page, while for the game itself, it will be marked by the ranking season ended notification.

Official Announcement of Ranking Season Ends in-game

The previous season the reset time was rather random, why? because there might be new features that might be added such as system rank points, addition of prizes. or prizes per tiara usually gold, diamond and master with his trademark clothes. Then what is the reset time for season 12?

  1. Possibility of Afternoon (due to additional features and accumulation of end season prize shipments)
  2. Daytime? it was not, because from some previous seasons it was always reset in the afternoon even though we had waited from 12 noon
  3. Will it be reset at 4 o'clock the next morning? not reset the 2nd time means the next season which is 13 will be activated today

Reset Time Rank Free Fire Season 12 Jam Berapa ? Menuju Season 13

Note: but back to the official announcement from the official fan page of Free Fire, sometimes due to the addition of a ranked fit and stabilizing the server it could be that season 13 opens tomorrow

You should check the fan page or not in-game directly whether there is a notification ended in the ranking mode. If there is bararite it is not far away just hitman hours. In season 10 we think the reset time ranking will be in the application tomorrow but after checking and there is a notification on the cellphone that the season 11 ranking has been opened this happened first and it might be the same.

Additionally, if you are PC users and low specs want to play FF ​​through the emulator please read and read in our article because we review all settings, keymapping, and also tricks to overcome the errors that exist in the GameLoop emulator of course. This emulator is lightweight and can still be run on a PC with 4GB RAM via optimization settings. For the install steps it's easy enough:

Steps to Install Gameloop for PC Users

1. Please go to Gameloop official web download link at:

2. Please download Gameloop from the Free Fire game directly or just the emulator when we click download the AOW engine will automatically be installed

3. Run Gameloop as run as admin

4. Save gameloop on drive D is highly recommended

5. Run the FF game as usual

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