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12-18|by : GameLoop
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[Free Fire] Christmas event of Free Fire – Bermuda, Purgatory and Eve Wheel

Christmas is coming, are you looking for the discounted consoles and interesting game events? Recently, in order to convey a lovely Chrismas atmosphere, Free Fire announced several Chrismas activities to their players. It is high time for you to take part in these interesting Chrismas Festival Events

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According to the official announcement of Free Fire, the Christmas event is divided into three areas: silver, gold, and bronze. The player must complete each sphere to advance to the next. In the first sphere, the silver, the prizes are Snow Elf character and Christmas Party backpack skins, Diamond and Weapon Royale tickets, bonfire, treasure map, and airdrop flame. In the gold sphere, players can redeem supply box, armor, leg backpack, snow witch parachute visual item, incubator ticket, character card, Gingerbread Man temporary skin and definitive Mr. Noel package. Already the bronze sphere offers three temporary skins Nevada Dancer, Holiday Season and Snowy Day.

Players can redeem Christmas socks on the maps of Bermuda and Purgatory. To collect them, you need to search for snowmen scattered on various parts of the maps. As with other events, the location of the snowmen is random. To pop the dolls, the player can use the fist, weapons, explosives or car.

Simultaneously to the New Year's Eve event, Garena also implemented the New Year's Eve Wheel. Every day, the player can spin the roulette wheel and earn rewards such as Delirante Doll, Snow Assistant bag skins, banner Joys of the Holidays and Party banner. of the Year, Weapon and Gold ticket and also reward token. The New Year Wheel will be in play until January 4, 2020.

Last week Free Fire received an update that marked the beginning of the holiday season. At the time, Garena brought “new modes, new characters and ways to play Free Fire”. Highlights of the update include the inclusion of the character Notora, accessories for M14, VSS and Kar98, permanent permanence of Contra Squad mode and the arrival of three new temporary modes: Fatal Blade, Snow Warfare and Team Kill.

More information you can download and Play Free Fire on GameLoop now.

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