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12-17|by : GameLoop
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AFK Arena is a typical RPG game, where you can create your own world, conquering with the invasion, training heroes for battle. Players in the game could alliance with other people, exploring and uncover hidden treasures, collecting diamonds and soul stones, battling and uniting other players, becoming the winner.

Core Gameplay Method

The core gameplay of AFK Arena is to gain rewards through battles to upgrade your position.

Automated Battle

The battle format of AFK Arena is very simple and requires very few input commands. It is automatic and fast like Lilith's rocket game "Little Bingbing Legend". All heroes attack automatically.

Basic Attributes:

There are some basics in "AFK Arena": 6 factions will have a 25% bonus when they are matched.

Interestingly, "AFK Arena" encourages players to form and unite a team of heroes from the same faction. When there are 5 heroes of the same faction in the team, the 25% produced can already resist the influence of the faction.

Battle Mode:

Campaign Mode (PvE):

This is the main gameplay mode of AFK Arena. Other turn-based RPGs cannot be replayed after you clear the level in AFK Arena. This mode is designed to promote the game, not to let players blame it for development.

On-Hook (PvE):

The on-hook mode will automatically use your nearest team, automatically unlimited brushing. When you are not operating, your hero can still gain experience, coins and weapons, until your treasure chest and rewards are full.

Peak Time Mode (PvE):

This mode will be turned on later in the game, which is equivalent to a quest mode. These missions can also be completed only once, in addition to the campaign mode.

Maze Mode:

This mode is re-unlocked at the beginning of the game. Players can enter the maze every 48 hours. If the hero dies, he cannot be resurrected. The maze has its own shop and rewards, and the purpose of players going into the adventure is to get more rewards.

King Tower Mode:

This is basically similar to the previous PvE mode. This is also an advanced mode. Players continue to climb the tower to get more rewards until they can't pass the level.

Arena Mode (PvP):

In this mode, players have to compete with other players' offline teams and continue to get a good position in the standings before the 14-day game reset. "AFK Arena" allows multiple arenas to fight at the same time, players can choose freely, and can also watch the battle of the champion team.

Bounty Committee:

This is a long-term mode where players can send heroes out to practice levels and earn rewards. This encourages players to practice low-level heroes, as bounty can be performed multiple times at the same time.

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