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11-29|by : GameLoop
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Zing Speed ​​is a 3D game introduced by Vietnam ZING Company from Tencent. The interface is similar to QQ Speeder. Zing Speed ​​uses a world-class physics engine, and the game feel fully surpasses market-leading products. The game is completely free. The 3D fashion design specially designed for zing users, refreshing drifting pleasure, takes you into the dazzling rapid world.

ZingSpeed ​​Mobile official version is a perfect racing mobile game that lets you show off your coquettish position. In this highly free racing mode, players need to constantly transform your racing mode, and you need to start your perfect racing with a variety of the world's top racing players. Real and interactive social mode, you need to choose your favorite friends to start your racing mode together. Various racing modes that stimulate your inner speed are turned on for you.

Game background:

On a continent with beautiful scenery, there are three speeding kingdoms: Blast, Fire, and Fantasy. All subjects in the three countries are racers. On this continent, the stronger the level of racing, the more respected people will be, and the person with the strongest level of racing will be elected as the king by everyone. These drivers who live in the speeding kingdom are proud of their excellent racing skills, see the car as their entire life, they survive for it, fight for it, and devote all their efforts to it. No matter when and where, there are all kinds of racing competitions, large and small, non-stop. No matter in the city, on the mountains or on the sea, there are professional tracks, and the drivers are constantly sharpening their skills here. At the borders of the three countries, the drivers are here to prove their strength and to honor their national honors. There is no smoke, no war, no harm and no deception. All disputes are settled with matches. This is the world of Zing Speed

Game Features:

  1. Exquisite high-definition perfect 3D visual picture inspires you to challenge various modes of desire;
  2. Real and interactive social mode, you need to constantly challenge your highest score record;
  3. It perfectly inherits the operating feel of the PC and exerts your creative ability to create the most invincible racing car.

Basic operation

  1. Reward setting: conditional reward
  2. Get cool coins (cool coins can buy things. Open single player map)
  3. Here is a speeding world, three speeding kingdoms. In the country, you can play with your own players, grow, meet friends, and form teams to continuously improve your ranking in the country; At the border, you and other strongholds can prove the strength of the team and get the highest glory. Don't forget the center of the world. Here is a neutral city where you can communicate with players from all over the world, buy advanced items, and soak in the beach.

The system will choose the winning country to occupy the central city every week. Players occupying the central city can get more discounts.

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