State of Survival

State of Survival is a mobile multiplayer strategy game with role-playing elements and conquests in the style of Zombie Apocalypse. The game has a lot of various hidden and non-obvious features, secrets and tricks.
The virus infects cities. Monsters fill the streets and destroy the remains of people in State of Survival, an established strategy for the zombie apocalypse. The world belongs to the infected zombies. In this multiplayer strategy shooter game, you have to build a city, find friends or fight against other survivors. Do whatever it takes to survive, there is a war around. The fight will not be easy. Infected Everywhere is a true horror movie. Resources are scarce and with them you will have to save what remains of society. Build a new city and gather a fighting squad. To survive in this survival game, you need a strategy.
The game combines many styles of play and includes both single player and multiplayer modes. You fight, you develop base and heroes. The diligent strategist will be ranked as the strongest player on the server.
Playing State of Survival with GameLoop frees you from the limitation of phones, allowing you to play with a big screen. Unique mouse and keyboard controls give you more gaming flexibility. It is also more convenient to share rewards with friends on social media.
Download State of Survival for free on your PC with the GameLoop emulator for Android!