Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person multiplayer shooter game, Pixel Gun 3D will take you into a pixel world, where you can train your fighting pets, draw gems, coins and materials, or participate in fun and fun shooting battles!
Download it on PC with GameLoop, you can feel the unique style of the pixel world on the PC screen and experience the pixel world! There are more than 30 maps, and 200 weapons, for you to choose. A variety of interesting and fun elements bring unlimited possibilities, waiting for you to discover!
You can use GameLoop to set your game key position, use the keyboard to replace cumbersome finger operations, help you find enemies faster, aim at the enemy and pre-empt! Moreover, GameLoop has a unique AOW engine system built-in, ultra-fast running speed, in-depth game adaptation, and the CPU usage has dropped by 40%, creating the best gaming experience for you.