Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Forget everything you learned playing the first installment of Evolution. Play Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia on PC with GameLoop and discover the history of the planet Utopia from a new perspective. Did you know that it was originally a luxurious resort for eccentric millionaires until it became the hell that it is now? Put yourself in the shoes of Captain Blake, who obtained superpowers as the result of a dangerous experiment. Use their powers to make your way into a technological world full of beasts, robots and marauders. Enjoy its measured fusion of genres between third person shooter, strategy and RPG. Delve into their exciting PvE campaign, play with your friends in their cooperative mode or challenge them to fast-paced online battles.
Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia constantly insists on the importance of upgrading and learning to use new technologies. Lead by example and take the experience of running your favorite Android games and applications to a new level. Play Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia on PC with GameLoop and take advantage of the technical capabilities of your PC. More processing power and more graphics power to smoothly run the best 3D animations on a bigger screen. Install your games on your PC's hard drive and save storage on your mobile device. Avoid lag problems by benefiting from the stable connection offered by your network card and don't risk draining your data plan. Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia on PC with GameLoop, it's all advantages!