Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooting game developed by Tencent Games. It inherits the classic game modes, maps, weapons and characters from Call of Duty PC series in ultimate first-person action experience. As an innovated installment of the existed "Call of Duty" Saga, CODM combines the Black Ops and Modern Warfare together, setting the whole battle and gaming background in the modern war conflicts. Differing with other FPS games, players could discovery distinctive game modes, such as "Zombies", "Multiplayer" and "Battle Royale", along with various maps in Call of Duty: Mobile, which might be much more exciting on PC.
Playing CODM on GameLoop allows you to break through the limitation of phones with a bigger screen, obtaining the following benefits:
* Fast and Accurate Controller with Mouse and Keyboard:As a classical FPS game, one of the most important requirements of CODM-players is the accurate controller. The exclusive keymapping on GameLoop improved the precise shooting and aiming skills of players. Hence, the unexpected stuck, lagging and slow loading issues will not appear when you are playing on GameLoop.
* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution: High HD design is also important for FPS games, GameLoop is the only one and the best emulator that provides fantastic graphics with 2k resolution, ensure that players could enjoy the immersive gaming experience, continuing the epic story of Call of Duty video.
* Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. 2GB RAM: In order to access a smoother shooting experience, FPS players usually have a higher concern about the quality of the equipment. Playing Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with GameLoop, however, could obtain longer gaming duration than your smartphone, thereby, it is no longer for you to worry about Power-off issues.