Clash of Clans is a video strategy game launched and developed by Finnish gaming company Supercell. Players build buildings on a certain range of independent maps for resource collection and storage, products for army production, research, such as gold, elixir, gems, etc. Players can conjoin to create clans, groups of up to fifty people who can then participate in Clan Wars together, donate and receive troops, and chat with each other. Additionally, the lastest upgrade - Town Hall 13 of "Clash of Clans" was released in December, along with introducing new heroes, and troop.
Play this strategy game on GameLoop could help you to obtain a fantastic SLG gameplay experience on PC with the following benefits:
* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution. The game of “Clash of Clans” established on the fantasy-themed world, which requires to illustrate the whole vision of the clans Accordingly, GameLoop could restore the fantastic graphic design of " Clash and Clans", which ensures players could notice the location of the valuable resource, obtaining a whole view of clans, improving their ability to obtain more gold and gems.
* Social Accounts Login In. "Clash of Clans" also allows players to chat and communicate with their friends to join and play this game together, which you can also log in with your Google and Facebook account on GameLoop directly, sharing your clans and well-trained troops, interacting with other players.
* Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. 2GB RAM. As a Strategy game, Clash of Clans" requires players to keep online for a long period, which might result the stuck operation of your equipment, if you play with your mobile phone. However, GameLoop fixes the common problem with the fast power consumption of mobile, thus, plays could obtain a longer gaming duration, without worrying about Power-off issues.