Geometry Dash Lite

Danger lurks behind every corner in this fast-paced platformer. When you play Dash Geometry Lite on PC and Mac, each level will be more difficult than the last. With simple gameplay and easy goal to get through alive, this is an Android game that will get you addicted forever. Each level requires a different plan of attack. In some levels you will guide a spaceship to the end, while others will require flipping gravity, dodging spikes and much more.
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When playing Geometry Dash Lite on PC and Mac for the first time, you will realize how good your gaming experience can be. You no longer must use clumsy touchscreen controls. Now you have the power to submerge, submerge and move in safety with your computer mouse. Your game never freezes due to poor internet quality when you use your home internet connection, but in case something happens, GameLoop automatically backs up your game data for you.