Tacticool – shooter 5

Tacticool - 5v5 shooter offers so many playable options that it's hard not to find reasons to make this game your new obsession. Tacticool gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of up to 20 different characters. But be careful! This is a strategy game with numerous tactical variables. So, choose your combatant wisely and equip him with one of the more than 50 weapons available. You will need to be well armed to face the intense 5 vs 5 battles in scenarios where everything is destructible. You read that correctly, everything is destructible thanks to a worked system of physics that give the game an unparalleled depth. The premise is very simple: take the car, choose character and weapon, collect your friends and plan the best strategy to defeat your enemies. Of course, do not forget to play as a team or you are lost. The title itself says so; Tacticool - 5v5 shooter is about playing together. Agree with your comrades and show who is the best strategist. Download Tacticool on PC thanks to GameLoop, the Android emulator.
Tacticool - 5v5 shooter is a competitive game where every aspect count. A limited mobile data plan or a weak device can condition your playable experience, to the point of playing at a disadvantage compared to other players. Download Tacticool on PC with GameLoop and become the advantage. Take advantage of the stable internet connection of your home network and forget about lag. Take advantage of the technical capabilities of your computer and forget about processing problems or any other inconvenience. But without a doubt, the best thing is that you can customize the controls to your liking and give the best use to your keyboard. You're just a few easy steps away from reaching the full potential of your Android games. The best strategy to beat it in Tacticool - shooter 5 against 5 begins by taking advantage of all the functionalities that GameLoop offers you.