Soul Ark: Reboot

更新时间2020-02-17 18:02:00
开发厂商Bluestone Soft, Inc
高清画质 大屏畅享
智能键位 还原端游
安卓7.1 完美兼容
极致多开 多屏操作
自研引擎 极速畅快
独家反外挂 公平竞技

Soul Ark: Reboot 电脑版模拟器

Discover a cool, Free-to-play game where over 100 unique characters will be waiting for you to collect them. You will become a Transcendent and you will join an immortal universe where humanity is at risk. General Da Ji is the one that calls the shots and she will have to gather an army and go on a challenging expedition of Fate. You will be there to help her and your main goal is to find her brother and the ancient Soul Ark relic to bring order back to the world. The Yangsan Park ships are falling and humanity is suffering the aftermath of a war where ancient powers were misused. A new dimension has now opened and you have to use your strategy skills to keep everything under control. Soul Ark: Reboot is an animated Role Playing Game just like Brave and Fate, where you will find fantastic spells, legendary heroes and an arsenal of weapons ready to be used. Join Da Ji in her quest today and save the world from destruction!

如何在电脑上用手游助手玩《Soul Ark: Reboot》手游

运行 exe 文件完成安装
打开手游助手模拟器并在右上方搜索栏输入Soul Ark: Reboot
在腾讯手游助手上畅玩Soul Ark: Reboot电脑版


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