Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels

الإصدار الحالي2020.10.2
إشارات اللعبةStrategy
موعد التحديث2020-11-02
المطورErepublik Labs
شاشة عالية الدقة
مخطط المفاتيح الذكي
اندرويد 7.1
شاشة متعددة
محرك لعبة AOW مطور ذاتياً
مكافحة الغش

Play Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels on PC with GameLoop Emulator

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels On Pc

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels, coming from the Erepublik Labs, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels on the large screen for free!

Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels Introduction

Age of Lords is a popular strategy MMO game set in the Medieval Age. As a mighty lord you will build a grand castle, forge alliances and TRAIN massive armies to defeat other REAL players. A game of kings and queens who fight to become the most fierce slayer in their kingdom.


✔ Develop your castle, research new technologies and become a kingdom builder

✔ Use diplomatic strategy to forge Alliances with other lords

✔ Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players

✔ Train a massive medieval army with various troops including cavalry, infantry and archers

✔ Explore the Kingdom Map to gather resources, scout rebel players

✔ Experience the bearded dragon age and become a monster slayer

✔ Chat in real time and set up diplomatic ties with other alliances

✔ Discuss war strategies with allied lords

✔ Form a rally march and hire lords and knights to boost your chances to win

✔ Become part of the legends and rebels by conquering the King's throne

✔ Reach the top of the rankings and earn the respect of the whole kingdom

✔ Compete with thousands of player in weekly events

✔ Level Up your Hero to be worthy of a rising empire

✔ Learn the greatest mmo strategy of medieval times by completing hundreds of Quests and collecting massive rewards

✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster and trump your enemies

✔ Become a VIP player and gain game-changing bonuses

✔ Save the day by choosing the right time to attack or retreat, to wage war or make peace

✔ Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices!

Passionate players from all over the world have joined to form alliances and explore together the medieval times warfare, but real friendships were craeted and those go beyond the games' borders. Meet people like you, strategise and become famous in the most popular strategy mmo with a medieval theme!

★Military Game

Build barracks to train medieval troops. One you have created an army worthy of great battles, equip your Hero with the invincible gear such as Ring of Desctruction and Ring of Knowledge and become another type of lord of the rings. Send scout cavalry towards your target and, if the odds are in your favor, use brute force to destroy you enemy's Castle. Great battles put you on the top of the rankings, making you renown for your strategic skills in military actions.

★Social Game

Fights are not everything you need to know in a game of war: communication, leadership and social ties make the difference in battles' results. Chat and plan ahead with your alliance, but always keep your enemies close by.

★Economy Game

Apart from getting the right people to fight in the right war, you also need the right resources. Create and develop the economic branch of the game by using tactical trades with your allies, gathering resources from the map, using strategic boosts and skills to grow your economy stats.

Join a new age of warfare and test yourself against real players worldwide in the best MMO medieval! PLAY NOW!


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How to play Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels in the upper search bar


Find Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels for PC on GameLoop