Chess Rush

Chess Rush

Versión actual1.12.24
Etiquetas de juegoStrategy
Fecha de actualización2020-10-22
Jugar en PC
Gráficos HD
Smart Key Positions
Android 7.1
Motor AOW
Contra la piratería

Play Chess Rush on PC with GameLoop Emulator

Chess Rush On Pc

Chess Rush, coming from the Tencent, is running on Android systerm in the past.

Now, You can play Chess Rush on PC with Gameloop smoothly.

Download it in the Gameloop library or search results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Just enjoy Chess Rush on the large screen for free!

Chess Rush Introduction

Season 2 Kickoff - All-new content

1. All-new point/tier system:

1.1 Classic, Turbo, and Squad Clash modes will be categorized as Ranked Modes and share the same tier. Points required for different tiers will be adjusted.

1.2 Season 1 rank recognition: points from season 1 partially transferred to season 2 to recognise the tier you achieved and give you a head start in season 2

2. New items

2.1 Gashapon Machine: Enjoy the magical Gashapon Machine in the new season! Every time the Gacha is played, players will receive a character they do not already own or an item to level up a character they already have. There is even a chance to win S-Grade characters!

2.2 Added the all-new Chess Soul feature. Tons of Chess Soul rewards await!

2.3 Updated the Lottery rewards.

2.4 Removed all the current items from the Store and the Lottery.

3. New Bot mode

Added Bot mode with unlimited preparation time. Players will have full control of their match pace.

4. Hero adjustments

4.1 Remade the skins for Unicorn Cavalier (renamed to Wolf Cavalier accordingly) and Lilith.

4.2 Adjusted assassin heroes

Sword Dancer's quality changed from epic to legendary and cost from 4 to 5.

Min attack damage: 270/540/1080 -> 300/600/1200

Max attack damage: 330/660/1320 -> 400/800/1600

Max HP: 2250/4500/9000 -> 2800/5600/11200

Headreaper's quality changed from rare to epic and cost from 3 to 4.

Attack Speed: 141 -> 170

Min attack damage: 200/400/800 -> 240/480/960

Max attack damage: 250/500/1000 -> 300/600/1200

Max HP: 1800/3600/7200 -> 2200/4400/8800

Ability: HP required to trigger bonus damage: 30% -> 30%/40%/50%

4.3 Adjusted critical strike mechanism

Changed critical damage and critical strike chance to stackable. Players can now use equipment to stack up their heroes' final critical damage. Heroes with default critical strike abilities have been adjusted accordingly.


Creeping Revelation: 15% chance to land a critical strike, dealing 350%/475%/600% physical damage -> 30% chance to land a

How to play Chess Rush with GameLoop on PC


Download GameLoop emulator from the official website


Run the exe file to install GameLoop


Open GameLoop and search for Chess Rush in the upper search bar


Find Chess Rush in the search results and click “Install”


After installation, click “Start” to begin the game


Enjoy playing Chess Rush for PC on GameLoop